Bermuda – Researching This Spectacular Natural Paradise

Made up of a total of 138 islands and islets, Bermuda is a British colony fabled for its beauty. As a very popular tropical beach destination, Bermuda is among tourists’ favorite spots. Although the beaches are one of the things that attracts visitors from all over,the interesting history and island atmosphere are attractive as well. Before you can travel to Bermuda, you will need a passport book or pasport card.

A huge perk that a Bermuda vacation brings is the ability to utilize a passport card instead of a passport book. The card is much cheaper than the book, but it has a few restrictions. For one, you can only travel to Bermuda, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean,and you can only travel by land or sea. If you decide to take a plane, then you will need a passport book. Going online can get the book or card for you, as well as a handful of other services, like getting expedited lost U.S. passport replacement service,additional pages for your passport, and so on.

One spot every visitor to Bermuda absolutely has to visit is the Town of St. George. This spot is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has earned it thanks to its being the oldest continuously inhabited British colony in the New World, having been founded in 1612. Visitors love this spot because of the colonial architecture among the winding streets of cobblestone, the beautiful and relaxing parks, and the famous landmarks, such as King’s Square, the original public square of the colony, lots of beautiful churches, museums, old houses, and the Town Hall.

It’s impossible to avoid the world-famous beaches when visiting these islands. Whatever you’re interested in – snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, fishing, or just lounging on the beach – there are countless places in Bermuda to do them. The most famous beach in Bermuda is Horseshoe Beach. This beach is known for its super soft pink sand, water that is crystal clear, stunning coves, hidden caves, and the laid-back atmosphere. If you’d like to head a little off-shore for diving and snorkeling, there are tons of companies that can help you do just this. Shipwrecks, bright and busy coral reefs, and more are just a few of the places they can take you.

Thanks to its long history, Bermuda is as interesting as it is beautiful. While you’re in Bermuda, be sure to experience a little bit of this history at all the 100-or-so forts and various museums on the islands. The Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum, and Zoo is another good spot to visit. It features the world’s first living coral reef exhibit, that is, a replica coral reef in a 140,000 gallon tank, displaying an actual living and coordinating coral reef community. You’ll find more than 200 species of fish, plenty of birds,seals, turtles, and more in this all-in-one museum.

Even though you’ll be constantly on the move enjoying all that Bermuda has to offer, be sure to take a little time and just appreciate how naturally gorgeous this island nation is. While the legend of the Bermuda Triangle may keep you from venturing that way, many say it’s a top-notch diving spot. Remember to get your U.S. passport card or book before you leave, and go online if you can’t find your passport. expedited lost US passport replacements are easy to get.

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