The Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones with ControlTalk (Red) Have Satisfied Countless People

Dr. Dre developed the Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones with ControlTalk (Red) for those who love audio. At this time they are the hottest audio accessory on the market as athletes, artists and actors are trying to get their hands on them. These headphones are highly desirable as it’s feature rich and offers amazing sound.

It has smartly designed and very precise set of speakers and it has solid noise cancellation and powered amplification.

Dre’s commitment to quality is shown in Beats Solo HD which gives the listener an incredible high definition sound experience. Every little detail can be heard with extremely precise highs and mids and deep, distortion-free bass, all because of their advanced proprietary titanium coated driver technology. These are excellent light-weight headphones, whether you are driving down the street, at the gym, a frequent tourist or just taking a run. The headphones are easy to carry in your briefcase, purse, coat pocket or carryon because of the small tri-fold design. ControlTalk has a couple of exceptional features.

One is iPod playback with simple on-cable control, which means you can pause, adjust volume, or go to the next track without needing to find your iPod. If you need to talk to someone while listening to your audio program, you can isolate the sound to each ear so that you can hear both the conversation and the audio. With Beat Solos HD headphones, you are able to listen to your audio programs just about anywhere with the right sound quality and lightweight feature. You have total control over the sound with the ControlTalk feature. Most people who ordered these headphones were extremely happy with it. Others just weren’t so impressed with the headphones saying that there were others that are far better.

Sometimes that appears to be how it is with buyers. Those who have used mostly terrible headphones before find these headphones to be really good. Someone else has been using great headphones, so they are a bit disappointed. Knowing that, you’ll need to be careful when you read reviews, either positive or negative, since your experience could end up being like either one. You might like the Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones with ControlTalk (Red), or you might think they are not what you were expecting.

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