Holidays To Turkey – The Drinks Of Gods

Turkey is an exotic land on the Mediterranean with most of the territory in the Anatolian region of West Asia. Gifted with a mild climate, stunning sights, splendid architecture, energetic nightlife, and friendly people, Turkey is one of top destinations of tourists.

But the sites, climate, night entertainment, and people are just a few of the things that make Turkey an ideal place to set foot on. When enjoying holidays to Turkey, you should try out local drinks. Indeed, consuming their beverages is part of experiencing Turkey’s culinary culture.

1. Ayran
This is a widely known beverage made of water and yogurt and served without sugar. At times, a little salt is added. The drink is really pleasant and refreshing especially if drunk during hot weather.

2. Kahve
Kahve, or Turkish coffee, is served in small cups. The drink is tasty but very strong. Normally, kahve is served black. However, if it is too strong for you, you can pout some milk or sugar in it.

3. Cay
Cay is classic Turkish tea, the beverage of choice of many Turks; indeed, Turks are heavy tea drinkers. Check out their special elma cay (apple tea) or ada cay (sage tea). Keep in mind that if your tea is prepared by locals, your beverage may be stronger than usual. Dilute it a little with hot water or milk.

4. Boza
Another unique beverage to be consumed during summer, boza is a cold, thick drink that originally came from Central Asia. The beverage is made from fermented bulgur wheat in which sugar and water are added. You can buy commercially made boza, packaged in plastic bottles, in supermarkets. But they are sweeter and less dense than the locally made sour and thick boza.

5. Sahlep
Ideal for cold, winter nights, sahlep is a classic hot beverage in which milk, sugar, and orchid root are thoroughly mixed. Normally, the beverage is garnished with cinnamon. It goes very well with sweet pastries.

6. Red poppy syrup
This well-known beverage is made out of water, sugar, and red poppy petals. It is very refreshing and is favored by kids.

While you enjoying cheap holidays to Spain, Turkey, Greece, or any other land in the planet, be sure to have a taste of their local drinks.