Replacing And Reporting A Lost American Pass Port

Losing a passport or any other identification document is very stressful and at times very scary because you do not know in whose hands it will land. This becomes worse if this unfortunate occurrence is just days before you travel or when you are on a trip. It is important to have a lost passport reported to the relevant authorities so that it can be invalidated. This makes the document invalid for travel purposes or anything else hence you cannot be held responsible if somebody else uses it in a criminal activity so as to incriminate you.

Recovered Documents

If a passport is found it should immediately be taken to the Department of State, however this rarely happens. If a passport is lost while traveling it is essential to report it lost and then get the process underway to obtain a new one. There are expediting services out there that replace them quickly, sometimes in 24 hours.


The first step to replacing this document, especially if it is required fast, is going to the Department of State websites or to the department offices. From here, you will get information on all the relevant paperwork for a replacement. The regular processing period is 8 weeks but for expedited services it is about four weeks.


It should be noted that services are available for people who need their passports urgently and are unable to wait for the above-mentioned processing time. The best way to go about this is by contacting private service providers who offer replacement services and you are able to get your document within 1-2 business days.


This will require doing the same paperwork although there might be an additional form, which is sometimes required by the company to use for indemnification functions. It should be noted that these providers charge an additional fee over the charges by the government. This fee however, is worth it because you get a good service for it.


Before applying for the replacement passport, always verify what documents are needed. There are many resources out there that list the needed documents as well as allow for an application download. This should ensure that all documentation is correct and all the needed paperwork is in order when applying for a replacement.

Acceptable Forms

Besides the birth certificate that will be needed to prove your citizenship, details on your age, your social security number and where you were born will also be required. At this juncture, it will be imperative to note that your documents are prone to rejection if they are not original. For this reason, you will have to ensure that an official seal appears on the certified copies you have used.

Assistance In A Foreign Land

In instances where the passport loss occurred during a trip, travel itinerary or plane tickets will be required. You will also be required to provide two recently taken photographs taken according to the specified directions. To make sure that these photos meet the required criterion and are not rejected, have a professional photographer take them.

When all this has been done, you send the complete new pages for U S passport application and any additional forms, photos and identification documentation to the service company handling your replacement. Use a mailing option that allows for parcel tracking to be safe. After you do this, your replacement for the lost passport will be in order.