Adventure Travel In Cebu Philippines

Cebu is an island that is situated in central Philippines. Many now choose to visit Cebu rather than the much bigger and more well known city of Manila. The airport in Manila is huge with heavy security so many will arrive in Cebu to protect yourself from the delays that are more recurrent in Manila. The isle of Cebu is not a large island but it is among the more modern vacation spots within the Philippines.

Many of us come for a visit and end up coming back to live. One of the main benefits is that the cost of living in the Philippines is quite a bit lower than living in the USA or other highly developed country. It is hard to pass up once one is living with a pension or their savings. Some come to the Philippines to bring down their medical cost. Some come for an adventure or to find a new house. I came looking for a fresh start and an adventure. This was my first visit to the Philippines but I really don’t advise that people do it the way I did. I was longing for an improved cost of living and perhaps a Filipina to love so I took a huge chance and just made the move.

That was four years ago and it has gone exceptionally well for me. For me, I’m able to do more things because my basic living cost are generally less. Living on a pension, I find that I am capable of many things that I could never do if I lived at home. Those things include diving, traveling and clubbing.

There is a lot of poverty in Cebu. You shouldn’t expect to arrive in a city where everything is modern and luxurious. You will not see that. You’ll see pockets of substantial wealth, nice malls, several sky scrapers along with an explosion of Filipino culture. Nevertheless, you will see serious poverty also. When in the city and out on the roadways you will see a lot of areas that look threatening to you however they usually are safe.

Bantayan Isle is my favorite place within Cebu. I strongly suggest you make a trip to this tropical island. It is of the northern tip of Cebu. What I like about it is that there usually are handful of tourist. You might discover that you have the beaches all to yourself. Other than the few fishermen and youngsters you’ll see. If it during the school year, you will see children in their school uniforms going to and coming from school.

Numerous areas of Cebu have rocky beaches but on Bantayan you will discover white sand finer than sugar. The water is a clear blue-green that often laps the steps of your resort. You also need to watch your step. I’ve seen a small number of sea urchins while swimming in the waters off the Bantayan coastline. Should you step on one of those, you will have a great story but it wont be worth the discomfort..

Yet another island is close to Bantayan island and it is called Malapascua. It’s actually a diving meca. Scuba divers from all around the world visit this island. It is legendary for the Thresher shark with its breathtaking tall tail. This non-aggressive shark is normally hard to interact with. They come to this area to be cleaned by other fish and you could possibly be capable of getting resonantly near them there. It is rather amazing to be honest.

You will discover quite a few scuba diving locations in Cebu or close by islands. You’ll be near Bohol which is well-known for its chocolate hills and the tarsier. Among the smallest primates on earth, the tarsier reminds me of a gremlin. They also have floating restaurants that have become rather popular.

There are many things to see in Cebu City. Permit this article serve as your guide to find even more things to do in Cebu. If you’re searching for adventure travel, then Cebu may be the location for you.