Why It is Beneficial to Recycle Your Cell Phone?

Most people do not realise that cell phones can be recycled just like many other products. Most of us replace our cell phone from time to time and simply keep the old ones never to use them again, perhaps even eventually throwing them out. However, sending your old cell phone to the landfill is not your only option as cell phone recycling is both environmentally friendly and even cost effective.

There are many reasons why you should recycle your cell phone. Did you know that all cell phones, like other electronic items, contain harmful metals and materials in their batteries and boards? These include mercury, and flame retardants which have been shown to cause developmental problems in children, and even some adults. These chemicals leak when they are thrown into landfills, and they slowly make their way into the earth and into our water.

As well as environmental matters you may also find that there is money in recycling your old cell phones. Companies such as Pacebutler Corporation will pay you around $50 for an old cell phone. These companies will recycle rather than waste your phone, and you can be sure it is going to a good cause. There are also larger recycling companies such as Umicore in Belgium that extract precious metals from our old phones.

These recycling processes mean that around 99% of the total materials of cell phones are able to be used. Bear in mind that it would be dangerous and near impossible to collect enough precious metal from your own phone to benefit and leave it to the experts who will extract thousands of phones to collect this precious metal.

There are other ways to recycle your phones without using these companies, the easiest of which is to let your family and friends use them. This can be useful for them and a great thing for you to do. Perhaps you could also ask them to recycle it when they are finished, either by giving it away or making sure its parts are recycled.

Charities will also be more than happy to take your phone off your hands, and this can allow you to donate to a cause you believe in. The charities themselves will usually sell them on to recycling companies as a way of raising money. It will be easy to donate, you can simply send off your old cell phone or hand it in to your local store, or even areas such as zoos which have cell phone collection boxes.

If you are looking for an easy way to get your cell phone recycled then try contacting the manufacturer. They will usually be happy to take back your cell phone, and may even provide discounts on a new model as well as paying for the shipping. This is a great way to make sure that your phone is recycled and disposed of completely safely, and companies are always looking to recycle the materials in their new items. You can always contact a refurbishing company to see if you can make any money from selling your phone. Companies like Pacebutler will usually make it easy for you by sending you a shipping label.

As you can see, there is more than one way to recycle your old cell phone. Whichever method you choose will be up to you, but you will always be helping the environment in the process and improving our general health. If you start today you will be making a huge difference, and can perhaps even contribute to increasing the cell phone recycling rate across the country.

If you are switching to a prepaid cell phone like those offered by Tracfone or T-Mobile because you are trying to cut back on your bills, you may want to remember to recycle your old phone instead of just tossing it out. You may even be able to sell it for a few bucks on ebay.

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How To Make Money Recycling Cell Phones

Cell phones are quickly becoming an environmental problem, old and broken phones are discarded and thrown away that contain very hazardous materials that could harm our health and even the environment. In line with this there has been a new and rising business today. Buying and selling of old and damaged cell phones. A trend continues today as the average U.S. consumer replaces their cell phone every 18 months. Americans retire an estimated 130 million cell phones each year, only a fraction of which are reused or recycled. which means there is an accumulation of unused and old cell phones in garbage dump sites and land fills.

Awareness to the hazardous contents of these cell phones is now very widespread that is why conservation of the environment and the recycling of these waste products are now on the rise. Businesses around these products are also on the rise, as many companies today are willing to buy your old cell phones, even those that are already damaged and broken. They clear up all the info in your cell phones and fix it all up then repackage and sell them again. Cell phones that were unable to be refurbished are dismantled and recycled for some metals that are found in them namely, Gold and Silver from circuit boards, copper wiring from phone chargers, nickel, iron, cadmium and lead from battery packs and plastics form cases and phone accessories.

You too can start out and make money from this growing industry. Start out with an old or used cell phone collection drive. Or buy them from your neighbors and friends for a cheap price and sell them to the companies that recycle them. Many websites are now popping up to buy your cell phones, use these programs to earn extra money. Many of these programs even send out free shipping envelopes so you could send them your cell phones at absolutely free of charge. This is the type of business that can be both profitable and good for the environment.

Another option is to invest in various recycling bins that can be placed at various locations across your town or city. Some locations would be in malls, colleges and universities. Downtown locations close to a large population of office workers could also be a prime location for cell phone recycling bins. Once these bins are in place a marketing campaign educating people about the benefits of recycling their cell phones would help get people using them. Partnering with a charity could also help attract users, you could give a percentages of the profits to the charity.

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