Determining Which Kind Of Trade Show Exhibits Your Firm’s Reputation Will Fit In

There are five basic types of trade show exhibits. Being familiar with them is imperative as our choice of booth will affect the success of your efforts. Depending on your specifications, you can now make a choice with the selection below.
• Customized booths
• Personalized modular
• Transferable
• Rental
• Pre-owned.

The custom trade show booth will be built with based on exact specifications of the space allotted to your booth at an exhibition. This custom-built booth can be innovatively designed to make it unique and stand out in the crowd. This kind of custom exhibit is the best choice, when announcing a most important breakthrough product, or when establishing superiority over competitors.

A custom unit is very expensive to build and can be used only in specific spaces. The custom modular exhibit is cheaper than the custom model. This offers the owners flexibility in reconfiguring or redesigning the booth. This is especially useful when the size of the booth space changes from show to show as it normally does. The unit has inter-changeable components like counters, back walls, exterior panels and display pedestals. Custom modular units are usually lightweight and hence easy to assemble and take down.

Since custom modular booths are collapsible, they come in packages that are handy. This means they will not require too much storage space; thus, you don’t need to pay for huge space. Moreover, it can be easily carried from one site to another as it is lightweight. More often than not, it is made out of topnotch materials such as Plexiglas, fabrics and aluminum. Aside from it is economical, it also provides flexibility and it is a worthy investment as it has high quality. You may also want to settle on pre-owned booths sold by other firms.

Many big companies with a large marketing budget will keep changing their booth displays very often. Instead of condemning their old exhibits, they will sell them to these companies that sell trade show display items. By purchasing one of the pre-owned units, you can save on construction costs to a large extent. If you look carefully, you will find good quality options that can be modified slightly to suit the image of your company. First measure the space of your booth and then select an appropriate display that can fit in easily. After this, you can go about modifying structural elements, graphics and such. Companies that wish to participate in exhibitions but are facing a temporary credit crunch can go for this pre-owned display option.

Of the five types of booths, it is the portable kind that is most economical. This has become the favorite among companies which partake in numerous trade show exhibits every year. They are lightweight so transporting from site to site will be no sweat. Also, it is very easy to assemble and dismantle. Normally, it is built with a basic skeletal frame that comes with detachable panels. This will allow you to set up the booth in different ways like tabletop and island displays. It can be enhanced with the use of different accessories such as bridges, backlights and others.

Because it is flexible, portable booths can be utilized regardless of the amount of space that will be allotted by the organizers. It is one of, if not the least expensive type to opt for. Firms which are novice in participating in trade shows can cast their lot in it. Another market for this type of displays are the companies who are taking their chances in shows that are held in far-off sites as transportation and storage costs will be minimal. Trade show booth rental is economical as well, a good solution to newly put up businesses.

Exhibit rentals are also an economical choice. Imagine if you are to partake into multiple trade shows that will be held in different sites and you possess only one or two booths. Will you think it would be a worthy investment to purchase multiple booths just for that single occasion? Going for the booth rentals will grant you a number of advantages. One of which is that you will have to spend less. Another is flexibility and wide range of choices. Rental firms also offer personalization. This may have slightly higher rates than usual but you can be sure that it will tailor fit the specifications to your needs.

Procuring a booth would constitute not only the amount of the booth itself. You would have to allot some funds as well for its maintenance, transportation and storage. In case you would prefer to just rent out, you would only have to mind the rental fees. This will make it possible for you to participate to numerous trade shows at the same time. In addition, you would need not to think of carting fees even if you would have to go from site to site. Your choice of type of booths would depend entirely on your needs and preferences.