Would It Be Well Worth $97.00 To Be Taught By An Ethical Marketer? Read The Platinum Coaching Review

This unique Platinum Coaching review will try to show you the Platinum Coaching product of ethical marketer Lee Mcintyre. At the conclusion of this review, you will be able to make the decision if you should spend $97 to be an exclusive member of this particular special club for a month, or to consider alternative sources of knowledge about website marketing.

The Platinum Coaching Review: Introducing The Ethical Marketer

Lee Mcintyre is the very successful ethical marketer who planned the idea of this coaching site where paid members may go to access all of these tips on the subject of web marketing. The products include DVD’s, videos, reports, articles, and ebooks that happen to be done by the guy himself. For info and tips concerning this article, please make sure you have a look at Platinum Coaching.

And so, who is Lee Mcintyre? The Platinum Coaching review would not be complete if it does not talk about Lee. The reason being that Lee Mcintyre is well known over the internet marketing field as being the man who was a teacher, is experienced on making and promoting useful training materials, and has made a bundle of money using his own method of web marketing.

It’s this ethical method that you’re going to acquire as you get the Platinum Coaching Program. Uncover what exactly to expect from this system by looking over this Platinum Coaching review.

The Platinum Coaching Review Explains The 5 Topics

Once you access the website, you’ll be treated to five separate threads to visit. The Platinum Coaching review will now discuss all these categories:

1. DVD of the Month Club-You can watch several of the seminars that Lee Mcintyre conducted throughout the course of his career. You’ll also be treated to his other products on mp3, mp4, powerpoint, pdf file, as well as the regular video .

2. Rapid Business Growth-Discover how to grow your online business fast with this category. A novice to website marketing will pick up great info from viewing the training videos and reading through the well written articles and data about selecting a team and the like.

3. Six Figure Rolodex- Lee Mcintyre talks about kinds of tools he works with to be successful in this niche. You may select which categorizations you want because this website is divided into things such as Video Software, File Storage, HTML Editors, Email Autoresponders, Shopping Carts, Merchant Accounts, and the like.

4. Backstage Marketing- This is the most detailed category which will take you backstage or past the curtain of the website marketing universe. Enjoy the training videos, tune in to interviews between Lee and other successful people, and look through countless practical as well as inspirational posts relating to this niche market.

5. What