US Childrens Passport – Simple To Obtain

Over the years, various requirements have been added in an effort to combat children abduction and trafficking. These new requirements prove to be a bit complicated for parents to acquire passports for their children. While it is definitely vital to ensure children’s safety and it is a way of protecting them, these procedures are often considered to be too stringent. To make it through the process without a hitch, start early and pay attention to the details when applying for a childrens passport.

Application Process

Primarily, what you need to understand is that the child has to apply personally, along with a guardian or both parents. Renewal of passports through the mail is not applicable for minors. Children below the age of 16 whose passports have expired or are about to expire should apply for renewal by filling out the form and submitting it personally at the designated center.

Form DS-11

The form can be completed ahead of time but do not sign it until in the presence of a passport agent. Otherwise, it will be invalid. You and your child can bring the unsigned Form DS-11 to a facility that processes such applications. Parental or guardianship consent is necessary for a minor to get a passport. There is a different form for expedited US child pasports.


If you are applying for a minor, a proof of citizenship needs to be presented along with evidence of the relationship between the parents or guardians and the child. You should also present the child’s birth certificate as primary evidence.

Proof of Relationship

To present a proof of your relationship with the child, you have to provide a birth certificate that clearly states the parent’s name or an adoption decree that has the adopting parents’ names on it. In other situations a court order authorizing you to have the custody or guardianship of the child can also be presented.

Foreign Birth

For children born overseas or anywhere outside of U. S. territories, a certified foreign birth certificate along with translation if needed is required. Again, the parents’ signatures need to be on it. In addition to all of the above requirements, children under sixteen also must have copies of their parents’ documentation, such as identification and proof of citizenship.

Parental Consent

What does it mean to provide parental consent for children to get U. S. Passports? It means being there with the child in front of the responsible agent who authorizes the passports. If only one parent can appear, the other must have written a statement that is notarized giving his or her consent. Once again, sole legal custody must be documented by a custody decree from the courts or a death certificate.

Finally you need to pay the US childrens pasport fee. There is an application fee and an execution fee. If one needs to acquire passports very quickly, there are other procedures that need to be followed in order to get expedited child pass ports. Passports for minors are valid for a period of five years or until they are sixteen years of age. By being aware of these points, one will be able to go through the process more easily.