Destination Honeymoon for Love

When it comes to planning the honeymoon, you will want to consider that there is going to be a compromise on the honeymoon destination, however, you will find that if you don’t allow the compromise, then you will not be able to have a honeymoon at all. It always seems like the spouses never can agree on anything when it comes to the honeymoon, but you both need to be open to each other’s point of view when it comes to the honeymoon destination. You will find that it is important for you to look at the matter subjectively and you allow your likes and dislikes to be present.

To choose a honeymoon destination you will need to make a list of what you both want to go and travel. You will want to keep in mind that if both of you have a different idea for a honeymoon, then you will need to compromise and try to blend the two ideas together. You will find that if you get creative and you set yourself on a budget, you both will be able to come up with an idea. You will need to make sure that you think about the reality of the situation, because you both may not be able to afford the fantasy honeymoon that you both dream about. It is very important that you pick a honeymoon that you both can afford.

Something that you may want to consider is a cruise. This happens to be the best honeymoon destination and you will be able to get a cruise that is in your budget. You will find that if you leave close to one of the coasts, you will be able to make a honeymoon cruise become very affordable. You will be able to take a cruise that lasts just one day, or you can go away for several days or even several weeks. You will just need to consider preparing yourself for the honeymoon before your day to set sail.

If sailing isn’t your thing then you will want to consider taking a honeymoon that is a little closer to your home. You will find that some of the American sites for a honeymoon are Las Vegas, Hawaii, Florida, and even Aspen. Keep in mind that Niagara Falls is the honeymoon location of the country but you can make it as unique as your own engagement ring setting.

You may even want to think about the activities that you would like to do on the honeymoon. Things like skiing and even going to Disney world is a great opportunity. You will also want to keep in mind that gambling is something that you will want to consider. Las Vegas is a very popular destination for marriage and the honeymoon.

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Church Decorations for Winter Weddings

A good friend of mine at our church got married a few years ago in January, and she chose to use a winter wonderland theme for her wedding. I couldn’t believe how they were able to transform our tiny country church into a beautiful winter wonderland. Winter wonderland themes for weddings are really very popular, and can be totally different from weddings with a Christmas theme. Let this article serve as a list of ideas to help give you an idea of what to use for winter wedding ideas for church decorations.

Winter Wedding Ideas with Fake Snow

You just can’t have a winter wedding without some kind of fake snow. Even if you are like us here in Texas and almost never see snow, a winter wonderland wedding just isn’t the same without snow. So, a great idea for church decorations in a winter wedding is to use fake snow, which comes several different ways. One way that you can find fake snow is to buy the packages of white cloth sheets which are made to look like snow. Lay it out around the platform and in window sills. Then sprinkle snowflake confetti or other shiny confetti over the fake snow to help it glow. Another great idea for using fake snow in a winter wonderland wedding is to get the spray and spray at the corners and edges of windows (might want to get permission for this before spraying). This will help give the feel of a beautiful outdoor winter wonderland wedding.

Winter Wedding Ideas with Christmas Lights

Despite popular belief that Christmas lights can only be used in Christmas weddings, its wrong. I happen to think that beautiful white twinkly Christmas lights can help give off a beautiful glow and romantic feel to a winter wonderland wedding. Wrap some trees with lights and sprinkle fake snow on some trees, or drape the lights around the room and you’ll find that the effects are beautiful.

Winter Wedding Ideas with Characters

One thing that my friend did in her winter wonderland wedding was to add some characters. For example, some wooden reindeer and other animals up on the platform really helped make the church platform look like a winter wonderland. Then, she had several flower girls (6 or more I believe) , and the dresses that they wore dressed them up like beautiful little sugar plum fairies complete with the wings. Also, snowmen and other fun characters can be added into your winter wonderland theme to help complete the look.

There’s nothing quite like going to a winter wedding, they seem to have a charm and an elegance all their own. I hope these ideas have helped.

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